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V2 academy has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Growing up in Madison, IL, seeing how talented and bright my people were, with no proper outlets for exposure put a fire in my heart to bring about change. I was driven to find a way to inspire the youth in my community to believe in themselves and follow their purpose, whether it be through sports, academics, or entrepreneurship. Failure or aimlessness would not be an option anymore.

My why is simple. Healing. Giving my community and communities across the world means of self-empowerment to change their trajectory and family legacy through fundamental and foundational principles brings a fulfillment that nothing else could to my life. Sports, education, personal development and community have been a springboard to success for me, and I plan on bringing about the same to the youth of today. Being a guiding light in today’s society is my mission.

– Vince Valentine

Be G.R.E.A.T.The Five Pillars

The V2 Vision

Vincent Valentine was drafted by the New England Patriots in the third round and 96th overall in the 2016 NFL draft. Making his professional debut in the season opener against the Arizona Cardinals, he recorded his first career sack against quarterback Carson Palmer.

On February 5, 2017, Vince was part of the Patriots team that won Super Bowl LI. In the game, the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 34–28 in overtime.

Attending the University of Nebraska, Vince was a three-year starter and earned a degree in journal- ism. While at the university, Vince was named to the Honorable-Mention Big Ten All-Freshman Team and was a scholar-athlete. He also volunteered his time with Uplifting Athletes and was a part of team hospital visits while with the Huskers.

Through the Academy, Vince has the desire to offer youth and teens an opportunity to enhance their athletic ability in a structured atmosphere. Additionally, he wants the program to teach the importance of leadership, sportsmanship and academics.

Vince is a former resident of Madison County, Illinois, and a graduate of Edwardsville High School. He is the son of Vincent Sr. and Angreha Valentine.

V2 Sports Academy

V2 Academy Classroom

The V2 Sports Academy is a year-round, elite-level, sport-specific training experience. The philosophy of the V2 Sports Academy is to address the student-athlete as a whole person, not just as a student or athlete. By providing a youth sports culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of young athletes, V2 Sports Academy seeks to enhance enjoyment, participation and development in sports.

During the middle school and high school years, every student-athlete is confronted with a variety of developmental challenges. The V2 Sports Academy is designed to address these challenges.

V2 Values

  • Offering a well-rounded, multi-perspective program for all student-athletes to develop the skills necessary to lead successful, productive lives.
  • Providing a youth sports culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of young athletes.
  • Enhancing enjoyment, participation and development in sports.
  • Helping participants become leaders of and contributors to life.
Boy kneeling at camp lecture

V2 Mission

Use sports to inspire, unite and create hope in today’s youth.
V2 believes that sports, when led properly by
compassionate professionals, can transform a person’s life.

V2 Youth Development Leagues

To date, youth sports lack guidelines around health and wellness and consistent game-play stan-dards. The V2 Youth Development Leagues have developed a set of rules and standards to enhance the playing experience for young athletes. These guidelines aim to combat the overemphasis on ear-ly competitive success and the lack of a clear development pathway through sports – two issues that exist across youth sports. While providing a positive and enjoyable experience for young people, V2 focuses on fostering player health and offering age- and stage-appropriate skill development.

Putting its vision into action, V2 Youth Development Leagues offer 3rd- through 6th-grade girls and boys the opportunity to enhance their physical health, leadership qualities, skill development and self esteem in a structured and safe environment. While promoting their enjoyment and develop- ment in sports, the V2 Youth Development Leagues are committed to helping shape a youth sports culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of young athletes.

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TEAM First Champion Program

Team First has partnered with the Vincent Valentine Sports Academy to bring weekly classroom sessions to all Vincent Valentine Sports Academy student-athletes.

The mission of the T1 Champion Program is to promote student-athletes’ ownership of their academic, athletic, career, family and community responsibilities. The T1 Champion Program is designed to focus on the comprehensive development of the student-athlete and to prepare student-athletes for the challenges of life beyond the playing field.

V2 Classroom Training

During weekly classroom sessions, student-athletes will be taught how to balance academic success, athletic competition, personal growth and student life. The T1 Champion Program represents the comprehensive commitment by Team First to foster the total growth and development of student-athletes.

T1 Champion Program Commitments

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T1 will provide services to support and enhance the academic success of the student-athlete.

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Fundamental program principles will be based on a commitment to sportsmanship, equity, fair play and integrity.

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Opportunities will be given for each student-athlete to focus on personal growth issues, such as clarifying values, setting goals and learning fiscal responsibility.

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Student-athletes will be acquainted with the college and career search process, working toward development of the total person. The ultimate T1 goal is to develop individuals who will have rewarding careers and productive lives.

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V2 desires for all student-athletes to give back to their community. Student-athletes will be given opportunities to develop the foundation for a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.

Be G.R.E.A.T. Initiative

G rit

Forms and develops the fiery spirit you need to succeed.

R esilience

Pushes you past self-imposed limits.

E ndurance

Stamina built through focus and effort over time. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

A ttitude

How you go about your daily life in every aspect. Positivity breeds power.

T eachability

Determines your growth. You are either improving or declining; you never stay the same.

Vince Valentine on V2 camp stage

“G.R.E.A.T. has been instrumental to my success in sports and life. Before this initiative was formed, these traits pushed me toward my purpose – strengthened my mental ability. Everything starts in the mind. I believe that this simple acronym can and will change the perspective of youth and allow them to understand what it takes to sustain success.”

Vince Valentine

Built For Champions

Honoring the V2 commitment to address the whole person, V2 Sports Academy offers multiple services to guide student-athletes from school age toward a collegiate path:

  • SAT/ACT test preparation
  • NCAA academic compliance evaluation and tracking
  • T1 Champion Program
  • College tours
  • College and career assessment
  • Small group tutoring sessions
  • Individualized academic advising
  • Sports-specific camps
  • Training at least two days per week
  • Specially designed strength and conditioning sessions
  • Position-specific training
  • Personalized fitness and nutrition counseling
  • College recruiting process seminars
  • Speed and agility sessions
  • Thorough evaluation of high school transcript
  • Assistance in the college application process
  • College exposure events
  • Personalized highlight video for recruiting purposes
  • Assistance with NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center registration
  • Development of student-athlete profile
  • Ongoing, direct contact with college coaches and recruiting coordinators


Peace sign Student at V2


Vince Valentine has the desire to partner with your company or organization to create the Vince Valentine Sports Academy.

Take action. Be a part of positive change. Invest in student-athletes in your community to create the leaders of the future by helping them develop the skills they need to prosper and positively impact future generations. This important, community based work requires significant resources. V2 Academy invites your to become a Vincent Valentine Partner by supporting this life-changing work with a gift. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us transform lives – one student-athlete at a time. Your participation will help under-served, under-resourced student-athletes in the Metro East become college eligible. Your donation supports weekly academic tutoring, athletic training, and social and cultural exposure opportunities.

Please make checks payable to Team First Camps. On the memo line, note “Vincent Valentine Sports Academy.” Mail check to Team First Camps, 709 B West Rusk, Suite 106, Rockwall, Texas 75087.

Contact Information

Vincent Valentine Sports Academy
4792 Signature Industrial Drive
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Vincent Valentine Sr.
Executive Director
(618) 407-0973

Andre Collins
Director of Operations
(972) 689-3697

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